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Works of Nirmal Kumar Sen


Photo Gallery Photo Gallery Prof.Sen 194902057 Prof Sen 200632557 Prof. Sen in Study room in 2000 at Alipurduar 195711209 Farewell gift from College 195711377 Farewell photo of Prof Sen 1998 at Alipurduar College 195711378 Prof. Sen at study room at Alipurduar,2000 195836509 Prof. Sen at Kolkata,1995 200632555 Prof. Sen at Kolkata,1996 200632559 Prof. Sen at Kolkata,1995 200632556 Prof. Sen at Kolkata,1997 200632558 Prof Sen and Mrs. Sen in 2014 194511484 Prof Sen Prof. N.K.Sen gave speech at Subhas Chandra Bose's Centenary Celebrations in Alipurduar, India 200963609 Political Science Honours 1971-72 Political Science Honours 1971-72 205814682 1985 205814683 Letter from Father to son One best memory 201099376 With Jill On 31.07.2016 at Peerless Hospital 202322614 With Jill 203535728 With Jill 203535854