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Works of Nirmal Kumar Sen

Nirmal Kumar Sen-Biography :

Nirmal Kumar Sen, long-retired, was a renowned professor, lecturer, artist, writer and politician. He was an extremely beloved and talented man in his time.

Nirmal Kumar Sen, was born to Indu Devi and Kiran Chandra Sen in Faridpur, East Bengal 1932. 1947s turned out to be a time of tension in Bengal because of the India-Pakistan division. He and his siblings had to move to West Bengal in India to escape the war in 1947, and at the end, he settled there for a lifetime.

He completed his schooling partly at Faridpur Zilla School located in Faridpur Dist. Town and partially at Jalpaiguri Farindra Deb Institution in India. He completed his graduation in Economics at Ananda Chandra College, Jalpaiguri and Post-Graduation in Political Science from Calcutta University. Then he began teaching in Alipurduar College in 1957 and worked there as a lecturer and reader of Political Science till 1998.

He worked for long time as a head of the department of Political Science in Alipurduar College, North Bengal University. He also wrote a book in 1979 for post graduate students of Political Science in Bengali called '' Rashtra Chinta Itihas '' or "History of Political Thoughts." He even used to write daily newspaper articles, articles for magazines, lot of articles on Subhas Chandra Bose, lecturing on "All India Radio". But his major interests were in visual arts, and also coaching sports including cricket and hockey. Nirmal Kumar Sen lived a retired life in Kolkata with his wife Jana Sen and the rest of his family. He breathed his last on 06.10.2016 at 13:10 Indian time at Peerless Hospital Kolkata, India.

Written by: Shreya Sen 21.07.2016,Updated on 14.07.2017